African music links abound.

See our new friends in the group Aloha-Africa
This is cultural exchange at the grass roots level.

The Roots of Rhythm
a content rich site; in photos section it shows the process of making djembes./

Sabar Drumming Karen Hymbaugh's page on the Royal drums of Senegal

Drumming and dancing holidays in Gambia, West Africa. Check out this school! Formed several years ago, it is run by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic musicians from the UK, Gambia, Guinea and other West African countries.

Gambian culture & art - this page has links to Gambian musicians on the web. Check out their selection of West African instruments. some hard to find drums are here on the Web.

Ananse Village
your source for African Handicrafts - U.K. based mail order African drum sales, workshops, performance and repairs

A gorgeous exhibit of African Drums - very expensive

An equally gorgeous exhibit of African Gongs , from the same gallery.. beautiful..




African Percussion

Thousands of distinct cultures, each with it's own instruments, rhythms, and dances. The Motherland...

One of the greatest of Mother Africa's gifts to the people of the world is her music. Only a few years ago, we in North America had relatively few examples of African music in its natural state, but now, with the state of video on the Web, African folk music abounds. It is an ethnomusicologist's dream come true. The examples below are but a few of HUNDREDS of relevant audio and video clips. For a hundred more suggestions, see our African You Tube Playlist.

Video Recommendations

Adowa music & dance; Asante people from Ghana Adowa drums are peg tuned drums simlilar to EWE drums such as Kpanlogo , Sogo, Kidi. Watch the peg drums being played in Ghana.

They are a whole family of drums used, among others, by the EWE.

NGOMA - The word 'ngoma' is Swahili for 'drum, and for dance, and it is also used to refer to a drum and dance event. here are a couple of shades of Ngoma..

Tanzanian Ngoma | Ugandan Ngoma | Congolese Ngoma


Masai children singing & dancing

Jalamang Camara, Mamady Danfa play Mandinka drums



Kwashie Safroh, a Ghanian in germany, playing the kpanlogo..

Nana Yaw playing the 'odurugya' which is the traditional cane flute of the Akan, mixed with footage from the funeral of the Bantamahene Baffour Awuah V. The Red and Black Kete Drums are used in this ceremony. WATCH the video.

Damba Drumming

Gonjey fiddle music from the Dagomba people, northern Ghana

Luki Bouduan and friends from Gandawi group -
Sissala musicians from Ghana visiting Scotland
. It looks cold, and as if they wish they were at home.


Check out the Kosika, based on a highly portable traditional West African instrument with immense possibilities..great how to videos here.

Don't forget to visit our brand new Djembe Page

French drummer Maarten Schepers [at left] has written a fascinating book applying djembe rhythms and techniques to the drum set. Read about it.

Traditional Musical instruments of Uganda at

South Africa:

The YouTube User Bidybi has put a large amount of interesting Lesotho pop music at YouTube. The video portion is mostly just a photo of the CD, but the music has been rare to the world until now, and some of it is really good. Accordian give it an oddly cajunesque tinge, but very African.. Take the time to surf his YouTube channel; it's well worth the trip.


Cora Websites 

THE CORA CONNECTION - Dave Gilden's excellent site

Kane Mathis specializes in Oud & Kora - an excellent website. 

Music of the West African Kora - Hear the beautiful music of the West African Kora and learn about the history of kora music

Also in this month's
favorite Africa links:

a Record company site, with CDs of Abdoul Doumbia, Mustapha Tettey Addy, Aja Addy, Dudu Tucci, Nyanyo Addo, et al.

Drummer and Drum maker shahab has a nice site This site, titled African Drum Beat, is mainly dedicated to West African rhythms from Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinee and particularly rhythms associated with Djembe, Saba, and Kpanlogo drums. 

Also, video instruction in Ewe drumming at Kevin O'sullivan's site. Go, Kevin!


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