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The NTP Showcase, Fall 2004

Uganda meets Puerto Rico in Texas
note from stu: Jorge Ginorio and Gyavira Kasule had never met each other until the showcase, so we had a golden opportunity to see a first meeting of musical cultures. It was totally spontaneous, and very interesting to hear the dialog. Memphis Tennessee and Houston Texas (Len & Stu) kicked in about halfway through to close out the showcase..

Impressions of summer 2004

These images were taken during a presentation at the Grapevine Public Library. Click for bigger versions..


Some shots of the trip to Corpus in June... Texas still has a few places unspoiled by the crowds..mouse over for comments, and click for bigger version..

This shot was taken on my friend Deen's back porch, near Austin..the man knows how to live..Sitting in Corpus with one of my best and oldest friends, conguero A. D. Washington. He was best man at my wedding, over 28 years ago.djun djun heads in their original state. God I love this place! (Brother in law's land outside Corpus Christi..)

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