Favorite Indian Music Link of the Month:

Make your own (okedo)
taiko drum

with Brian Pound

Tabla Central

The princess of tabla

An excellent German based tabla site

Prafulla Athalye, a disciple of Ustad AllaRakha has a site at tabla-player.com.

MusicIndiaOnline.comThis site is really very deep and you can find anything from Sanskrit prayers to music of great Indian Maestros.

! Thanks to Pooja at Darshanam for the link.

Our Indian music quote for the month: "For us, as a family, music is like food. When you need it you don't have to explain why, because it is basic to life."
Maestro Ali Akbar Khan


Music of India is a STOREHOUSE of info on Indian music, all about the instruments, and a reFRESHING lack of e commerce. Ah, this is like the Web in the Old days....

about a woman tabla player

The Ravi Shankar Foundation

Pandit Sharda Sahai - direct descendent of Pandit Ram Sahai, the founder of the Benares gharana

Toronto Gharana


Asian Percussion

Video Links

for newcomers to Indian Percussion, here are videos a few different indian percussion instruments

Ustad Allah Rakha & Zakir Hussain
on Tabla

Ganesh Kumar on Kanjira

Nagara drumming in Rajastan

Mahan Shyam, demonstrates dumakita on the Pakhawaj

Sites and articles:

In Japan, the taiko drum speaks volumes:Business writer YURI KAGEYAMA reminisces about her son's love for an ancient Japanese tradition.

SABIR MUSIC - Instructional DVD - Learn Tabla and Harmonium at home [Canda Based]

www.tablaplayer.co.uk - UK based tablaplayer Udit Pankhania's website.

Sitar Maestro Biswabrata Chakrabarti - interesting sound samples here

Check out Beat of India, a wondeful site on Indian folk music.

Thai Percussion Homepage

Thai Classical Musical Instruments a great page, sound samples of Thon Ramana, Glawng That, Ta Phon, Glawng Khaek etc

A good resource for lovers of Taiko Drumming is 
Rolling Thunder. They have tons of links to Taiko Groups all over the world.

Mochizuki Taiko Drums Handcrafted for the Most Demanding Taikoists completely awesome drums. See this site to believe.

 It's becoming obvious that there's too much going on in the asian drumming scene for just one page, so look in the future for separate pages on India, Japan, and Indonesia.

We were sadly lacking in Bhangra pages, and then Lilitu sent us some good ones! Thanks Lilitu!

www.indianmelody.com/bhangra.htm actually, this whole domain is nice, not just the bhangra pages.

Sandip Bhattacharya, a Holland based Indian percussionist, has played with many of the most illustrious musicians in India and with well-known musicians of other cultures arround the world.

The Sandeep Raval multi percussionist Website features instruction information, world grooves, new age and more

Gamelan: Music of Indonesia

Gamelan Son of Lion is a NY city based new music ensemble playing on Indonesian gamelan instruments. Their instruments are half American built and half actual Indonesian gongs, etc.

Bali and Beyond is a group of Los Angeles performing artists inspired by the cultures of Indonesia. an outstanding gamelan resource; pictures, sounds, all about the instruments, everything, really the best gamelan page we've seen...

Best Taiko Video:
Kodo Live at the Acropolis
Available at amazon

Instructional DVDs help you to
Learn Tabla & Harmonium at Home
Ideal for Children, affordable price
Great gift idea

Excellent Japanese Taiko Band

Be sure and check out the International Taiko Webring

Chandrakantha Courtney's Music Page Streaming audio of traditional Indian music by
Chandrakantha Courtney

An Interview with tabla master Bikram Ghosh

The Tabla Site a comprehensive tabla drumming resource

The Batish Institute

Talas in Carnatic Music



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