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Bongo drumming - the Bongo Books by Trevor Salloum. Very informative and helpful, there are three levels to choose from Click now.

The very best Timbales Primer is written by Changuito and Chuck Silverman. It gives ALL the basics and plenty of advanced material as well. Read the review..

The Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion and Drum Set by Ed Uribe - for all instruments, not just drumset. A must own for the serious player. As one of Ed's former students said, "This material goes very deep, and Ed (Uribe) makes it all accessible." 

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For conga drumming, check out Conga Drumming : A Beginners Guide to Playing With Time by Alan Dworsky, Betsy Sanby. Highly recommended, a very helpful book, especially for beginners.

For facilitating drum circles, get Arthur Hull's book, Drum Circle Spirit . "what a goldmine..." stu

Here is a list of the finest books on HOMEMADE percussion.

A list of good books on CAJUN Music & Culture

 History & Philosophy 

Drumming for the Gods: The Life and Times of Felips Garcia, Santero, Palero, and Abakua -  This book is an absolute must for those interested in this culture. Garcia has been "Balogún for thirty years. Olóaá, of Matanzas, Cuba, for about forty years. Omóañá for almost forty-five years. OlúIyesá [he who knows the secrets of the Iyesá drums]." A practitioner of sacred drumming for almost his entire life, Felipe practiced his trade in Cuba both before and after the Revolution and brought it with him to New York, where he continues to play for the gods. You'll love this book.

...and if you don't yet have them, and especially if you're new to world drumming traditions, you'll want to read the Mickey Hart books, Drumming at the Edge of Magic and Planet Drum. Mickey is quite obsessed with drumming, and has done his homework, in a big way. Tons of good info in these two books.


African Rhythm African Sensibility  
by John Miller Chernoff.
This is an essential book for Westerners who must make the trek from city life to the primal African view of things. Yes, this probably means you. It addresses the intercultural issues in an enlightening way. I read it twice, and may yet go for a third time. Five stars.


The Tabla Legacy of Taranath Rao : Pranava Tala Prajna : Technique and Repertoire for the Drums of the Classical Music of North India
by Jeffrey M. Feldman - Pt. Rao has been a major influence on Indian drumming in the west; during his tenure at CalArts, he taught an entire generation of serious musicians, and we predict his work will continue to bear fruit for quite some time. A must have for those interested in Indian music.


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