Afro-Haitian drumming and Dance in Austin Texas

Interactive Steel Pan lets the user play 6 different pan instruments on their home PC computer.

Michito Sanchez - has a nice site.

New: S.F. Bay area monster percussionist John Santos' website

The Bob Marley Foundation

Afro-Caribbean Musics worth a look

www.batadrums.com a grassroots site, under construction, but already slammin, content wise...


Caribbean Percussion Traditions

Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Santo Domingo, New York, Miami, even San Francisco Bay... clave is where you find it :-D This is some of the hottest music on the planet right now. So much going on, it's hard to keep track of it all.

What is Uruguayan Grassroots drumming like? [Candombe]

Our friend Nils Fischer , Caribbean percussionist based in the Netherlands, has performed onstage with many of the the heavyweights of latin Music..very highly qualified.

Check out Jose Gonzales & Criollo Clasico's new site
(good Puerto Rican music links)

Texas Reggae.org - all things reggae in Texas

Rhythmweb reviews:
  A Master's Approach to Timbales

Cuban master drummer Changuito and Chuck Silverman have written the DEFINITIVE timbale book/CD. Click now to read our review!

Chuck's website is also a must.

Changuito (Jose Luis Quintana) & Chuck Silverman, La Habana, 1996

Here's a fine interview with Armando Peraza at Salsaweb.

Paoli Mejias has a very cool website going.

Grupo Cuero y Cajon
Nolan Warden recently released this interesting field recording of Afro-Cuban folkloric music, made while in Cuba last year.  The recording includes drumming influenced by Palo, Yesa, Yambu, and Makuta.


We have pages in the works for Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica. 

There's a really cool exhibit on Carribean percussion at Miami's 
Historical Museum of Southern Florida 

This page will be updated all the time. When we're not playing drums, we LIVE on the WEB. 

Good Carribean rhythms Links

www.afrocubanchops.com - website of Cliff Brooks, the author of 'Rumba - Afro Cuban Conga Drum Improvisation'

Kim Adkinson's site Yet another world class S.F. bay percussionist; it's enough to make us want to move to San Francisco. It's getting rediculous.

Be sure and check out the sound samples at:

Music of Puerto Rico.com

About the Steel Drum.

Jammin' Reggae Archives

Pagina Tambora y Guira: de Santo Domingo en Espanol


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