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Recommended CDs

Obra Maestra (Masterpiece)- by Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri

The original title of Tito Puente's final album was Por Fin --"Finally"--a reference to the fact that Puente and fellow Latin-jazz titan Eddie Palmieri never had recorded together, despite Puente's work with pianist Palmieri's brother Charlie early in their careers.

Glen Velez 
Rhythms of the Chakras

As the number of Glen Velez albums begins to mount, this one still stands out as an elegantly simple statement. No serious percussion lover should be without it.

Roots of Awakening: Chanting the Chakras
Layne Redmond - This is one of our favorites. It actually feels good to hear the syllables sung, so perfectly in tune. You really can feel them in your body. Don't miss this album.

The Conga Kings ~ Carlos Patato Valdes,
Candido, Giovanni Hidalgo

"The Conga Kings is a historic recording session that brings together three giants of Afro-Caribbean percussion: Candido Camero, Patato Valdes and Giovanni Hidalgo. Each master has his own unique style, yet they complement each other beautifully. The camaraderie and good vibes shine through from start to finish on this fine recording."

The Legend Of Cuban Percussion ~ Carlos Patato Valdes - It's a blessing that this album has been re-released. One of the great master congueros, Patato.

Hamza El Din
  is a Nubian oud player and singer from the Sudan who studied his craft in Cairo, and fashioned the oud--normally used for accompaniment or in ensembles--into a solo instrument, combining Nubian and Arabic musical gestures. Essential listening.


Tala Matrix
Tabla Beat Science | Listen to Don't WorryMusic

Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain, and Asian Underground star Talvin Singh combine under the sonic washes of producer Bill Laswell -Indian percussion in a futuristic setting


Breathing Rhythms, the brand new one by Glen Velez

Another fine effort by Glen Velez.

 listen to | Lunar TidesMusic.


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