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Dallas International Festival - November 2002

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(at left, a shot of the photographer, DEB STUER. thanks Deb.)The Dallas International Festival was held at St. Mark's Episcopal School in Dallas on November 9th and 10th, 2002. There were dozens and dozens of booths from over 50 countries, each offering cultural artifacts, handicrafts, clothing, instruments, information... What a blast. Groups from different countries were performing literally all day, two days in a row. On sunday, I brought my wife, ten year old daughter Nina, and we stayed and made a day of it. The global drum circle was a success, big fun, with folks from all over participating. Thanks to the drummers who showed to make it work: among many others: Suzanna, Mary Ellen, Hap, Hadi, Kent, Todd, Phil, C.W., Kwasi, and the many families from all over the globe who came to the circle to play. Special thanks to Suzanna for putting it together.

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phil's dog stayed wrapped up in this cloth sand watched the entire proceeding, without leaving the chair.

this dude at left was killing his hands, until we gave him the stick, whereu[pon he played a long time happily.iphil, todd, kent, stu

kent, stu, kwasisome fat guy (stu) trying to sculpt boomwhackers without a table..the indian fellow on the powow drum was a strong component, and played the whole time

this lady was advanced in age and wracked with some sort of disorder, but LOVED the music and stayed after others were gone. she was such an inspiration.

At right: suzanna Brown, the event organizer.hap, hadi, and a very nice puerto rican lady whose name escapes me at the momentkent multerThis family is typical of DIF circles; the whole bacth, mom, dad, and kids, all having a hand at it.

Indian family, very nice folks.Suzanna and Mary Ellen

These kids were of CUBAN orgin.

With 35% of North Texas residents being first or second generation immigrants to this country, Dallas indeed deserves the label “International City.” Such diversity, however, brings many challenges as well as benefits. Dallas International is a coalition of over 1,600 civic, educational and religious organizations established as a means for bringing these groups together for the enrichment of the entire community.

The Mission of Dallas International is to promote and coordinate North Texas ethnic and immigrant groups, empowering them as respected members of the community and giving them a forum through which to express, share and celebrate the richness of their cultural heritages.

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