We were empowered to act as a Contemporánea dealer.

We offer a sliding discount, based on the amount you are spending. For Drum Circle Facilitators and other groups buying in bulk, this discount is <<LARGE>>.

Even for newcomers, though, eager to try out a single Contemporanea product for the first time, the price is better than you will find in shopping carts around the Web. You WILL like the drums. We cannot put down our tan tan and rebolo, or the little 10" timba..or our 12" repique de mao, like the one shown at left..

Rhythmweb a Music Store? Not exactly; more like an instrument consulting service. We've been quietly stocking & selling Boomwhackers for almost 10 years, giving big discounts to facilitators and groups, and that will continue. We advise certain schools and other entities regarding drum purchases for their group too, helping them find a deal. Now we have been empowered to sell products from Mid-East Manufacturing , Sageman Djembes, & Contemporanea. The stuff will ship from U.S. based distribution centers, not from the Rhythmweb offices.

We thought about putting in a shopping cart, and getting a merchant credit card account, like so many [non-content based shopping cart only]percussion websites we come across, but decided against it. It is too impersonal. Music is high touch. We like to think of ourselves more as drum consultants, musicians helping musicians get equipment, on an individual basis. We know where the deals are. We can get YOU a deal. The prices are too low to put up here.

Stu: "Have I ever bought a drum from a faceless website?" The answer is no..i have always been taught to cultivate a relationship with my drum sales person. In over 40 years of buying drums, I've almost never paid retail, and neither should YOU. When I am buying a percussion instrument, I want a human being I can talk to and check in with on the other end. On this end, you will have a musician who has played and is playing Contemporanea on a daily basis.

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