Mike James Jazz
Drumming for Life

Mike's is a well done and well taken care of site. worth a look!

www.drumless.com is a web site that contains a database of music without drumset tracks for the drummers to play along.


1234drums.com Free online lessons with video!

Songo Revisited at Mark Powers' site (in PDF)

Drumset artist
Mikael Wikman gives drum lessons at a distance and does drumtrack recordings for songwriters, producers. ..based in Europe.

Andre Mallau,
conservatory of Perpignan France, author of 1,2,3,Go! for jazz and Steps To The Beat for Latin.

Thomas Howie's DrummingWeb.com is very good.

Teaching and advice from a first rate UK drum teacher, Dave Cutler, at Dorset Drum Lessons

Achiagbekor For Drumset: a Ghanaian war dance, transferred to the kit; published in the February 2005 issue of Percussive Notes. ]in PDF format.]

check out Andrew Clemmons' blog at drumboogie.net

Factory Metal Percussion.com
these guys have some really innovative ideas for metal instruments that work well with drumset..check em out..

Drummer Jeff Lemke has loops for practicing in 7/8 and in 13 on the LTV website. visit the site..

VintageInterchange.com Free Wanted and Available Ad Forum for Vintage Drums, Percussion, and Hardware

solid - All about the classic Second Line grooves from the city where jazz and rock&roll drumming were born.

Seatle drummer

Chico Hamilton has a new site

Jon Mattox, L.A. drummer

Good advice from an old pro on playing for ballroom dancers

Portugese drummer
Urbano Oliveira

Royal Hartigan teaches at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and has written an excellent book on West African Rhythms for Drumset. (Ghanian, actually) Visit his page

Krzysztof Filipski. drumming in Poland.

Patrick Manzecchi - a German drum set artist with a website.. Hi Patrick..

Rob Verheul dutch percussionist, nice site, all in dutch

Wirrl Drum Studio, run by Brian Evans, is based in the UK.

Voudou Drumset - (Haitian Rhythms for drumset) An upcoming publication from percussion educators James Armstrong and Travis Knepper

NYC drummer/bandleader
Dave Berk has a new site

Drummers' Web School: a well done series of beginners online lessons.

Drums and Drummers A real nice page from Glen Johnson...lots of good current links to good drummers. Good work, Glen.

Cocktail Drum Lounge:Dedicated to anything to do with Cocktail Drums! Here is a place for other fanatics to share information on this strange and wonderful instrument

thesheet.com Larry Levy's site has cool deals in used and vintage stuff, and much more...

Cherie Willoughby's place...a great source for vintage and custom drums.

The Red Hot Jazz Archive - an excellent brief history of Jazz before 1930; a must for students of jazz...

For starters, you can try the 20th century drummers' Hall of Fame...from Baby Dodds to Changuito and beyond.

Kuni, an avant garde drummer from NYNY, is pioneering the development of "9 against 4" check out his MIDI enabled website.

Chris DeRosa, freelancing in NYC, is educated at Berklee and U. of Miami

The Walfredo Reyes, Sr. website
Every drummer should know about this man who has mastered the art of simultaneous drumset and latin hand percussion.

Philly Joe Jones....
a good site on Philly, has some good quotes, bio, discography, etc.

Need to find a manufacturer? Try the drum manufacturers list at Harmony Central.

has a superior selection of used drumsets and snare drums

great page; fusion of Ghanian traditional music and drumset

the Drummers' Woodshed - Here's an excellent idea, an L.A. based drumschool/practice place combined.



Ah, drumset..this instrument has a history only a century old, although the roots extend deep into the past..The trap set or drumset as we know it today was born in America of the ,many cultures which were transplanted here. One of our big drum heros is Baby Dodds, the man who represents the transition from New Orleans marching band..

Listen to Elvin solo on the classic album 
"A Love Supreme"

The drumset area will be changing considerably . We're looking for links and web rersources to put here, so don't be shy. Send us your link...

Link of the Month:

Drumset Connect - Drum and Percussion Forums, Articles, Reviews, Tabs

We love Elvin Jones. Click to go to an interview
We love Elvin Jones. 
click on his image to 
go to "confessions of an Elvin Jones Fanatic"

Drums and Drummers

Detroit raised/NYC based drummer Glenn Johnson's drumset site
has some interesting drummer links

Acrylic Drums Heaven Beautiful acrylic drums at this website, in 17 colors and 7 patterns; we definitely want some..

Rhythmweb Review: Djembe Dunun Drumset by Maarten Schepers - This book is not only good for drumset players, but for all those interested in djembe and djun djun

Jeff Salem, a Toronto based pro drummer/clinician. This is a fellow we met at an Arthur Hull playshop.

Check out George Polyhronakos , drummer and composer from Greece..

Drummer Maxime Lenssens has written us from Belgium with this link for the Dalton Drum Sydicate

Brad Miller's innovative talking drum design

Mike James has a new multimedia CD ROM out, Drumming for Life..

Visit The DrumSet.com 

Bart Lingley is a Berklee trained Nashville based drummer who spent a couple years with the Dixie Chicks, now touring with the Kinleys. 

Barry Harvey, in the land down under, has written a good method book, and has a 9 minute drum solo on his site.. good work, Barry..

KUMU - beautiful drums, handmade in finland

WesCrawford.com - An excellent D.C. area player with a good website.. 

www.BarryHarvey.com Australian drummer Barry Harvey has made his unique book Text of Music Phrase available to the world his new official website.

Drumsplayers.net - A new drums Community on line with
drum info, midi, tabs and download area

Dave has a cool little wwwboard called Drumtalk
Go put in your 2 cents worth...

The 20th Century Drummers' Hall of Fame
(from Baby Dodds to Changuito & beyond)

If you're trying to learn contemporary African drumset styles, go see Chris Miller's website; he has written some useful books on Soukous and other styles.

Roger Odell's page, DrumAtak  has resources for drumset players

Free Drum Transcriptions at the DM Company!

Bernhard Castiglioni has created a fine Gallery of drumset artists.

Russ is a 1st rate teacher, highly qualified
check out his website

these little practice pads are AWESOME! One of the coolest inventions we've seen for drummers in awhile. Check 'em out!

Read the Rhythmweb Drumsticky Review

'The Confessions of a Sixties Drummer'
A great window into the 1960's London club scene.

eggbeater.net - a learn-station for the beginner and intermediate drum kit (drum set)

American Music Drumparts
this is a very cool site for anyone interested in building their own set. Tons of resources. Also has a unique new book, Drum Builders Handbook and Sourcebook, which tells you everything you need to be able to build a top notch set.

More good drumset Links

Joel Rendall's site is based on different drumset styles..

Tom Gerke, Drummer, is Living & teaching in and around Cologne, has a new site at DrumPages.com

Markus Faller in Germany has written (along with with Hermann Mutschler, a German drumset legend who played in all famous European Radio Jazz Orchestras) a very popular book called "floating feet, helping drummers get their footwork together.


Mark "Gus" Scott, former drummer of the Rock band Trixter

Gregg Gerson - drummer for Billy Idol, Roger Daltrey of The Who, Mick Jagger,
Neil Young, Iggy Pop, etc...nice site.

Teaching site, UK based

Here's a page on Afro-Cuban rhythms for drum set

Drumgeeks.com has a really good classified section . Definitely worth a visit...

Michael Kersting has a beautiful website with info on his drumming activities..

Alessio Riccio, a drummer/percussionist from Firenze, Italy, has a nice site in two languages, Italian and English. Very nice art too, check him out.

Alex Sanguinetti, an Argentinian drummer living in Munich, (arriving there from NY?) has a new website, in three languages. Go Alex! What a planet...

Nashville drummers Paul Leim and Herb Shucher and WebMaster Rob Houston have a SLAMMIN site called 
Check it out...

Check out L.A./N.Y. session pro Gregg Gerson's website

Noal Cohen's Jazz history website is definitely worth a look; has a discography of drummer Tiny Kahn and other good stuff

Billy actually participates in his own discussion board. Yesssss... We wish more name drummers would take a lesson from this guy and do likewise.

Spirit Drums
Hand crafting drums in a sacred manner has become a way of life for Australians Jim Hall and Matthew Bowden


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