more video picks:

in Puerto Rico
Panderettas are used in Plena

Brazil: Pandeiro and tamborim are used in many different types of music. in Brazil, there is even a festival where a specific typoe of big frame drums are used, the Bumba Meu Boi festival.

more pandeiro video picks:

Ireland: Bodhran

Here's a newer fusion style often applied to Bodhran
as played by
Glen Velez

Persia : DAF , Ghaval,

Uzbekistan: Doira

Frame Drum articles
from Peyman Nasehpour:

Marla Leigh is a California based composer/ who plays flute and percussion.


Frame Drum Central

This is the best place to begin your online study of different frame drumming traditions, frame drummers and frame drums..the frame drum known best to most of us is the simple tamborine, a frame drum with jingles. However there is a big variety of frame drums, with one head or two, some with jingles or bells, and some without.

Frame drums are portable, relatively inexpensive, very versatile, and they can be played in situations where many instruments would never work (in your apartment, or behind the wheel stuck in traffic at rush hour, perhaps).

Frame drums have a long and illustrious history, and they are found in cultures all over the world. Over here in the U.S.A., there has lately been a steady surge in interest in them over the past decade or two, thanks to the initial work of Glen Velez and John Bergamo, teachers who began to champion their use early on. Now many of their students are teaching, and performing, and with the Internet, there is qquite a lively scene of frame drummers around.

Frame Drumming MEDIA/VIDEO suggestions

Watch David Kuckhermann Play RIQ (Egyptian tamborine) David is based in Germany..

See Plena performed in Puerto Rico using panderettas..

Irish Bodhran is one of the more important frame drums. This is traditional Irish style Bodhran technique.Thanks to Paul Marshal in Ireland for the tutorial.

The Bodhran a nice home grown page on the Bodhran

The Digibodhran, a hybrid instrument Half bodhran, half digeradoo

Peyman Nasehpour on the World Wide Web!!!

His home page is here.

His bio is here.


stu's note: I was fortunate to meet Peyman during the late spring of 2001. He continues to tirelessly promote his music on the World Wide Web, as a moderator of the Goblet Drumming Group and the Indian Tabla group at Yahoo, and an active member of the FrameDrummer group as well...links to his works are at right. Thanks Peyman..Keep it up!

His brother's NEW online drum shop
handmade Persian musical instruments

Listen to NUBIAN drumming: the drum is the TAR, the artist is Hamza el Din

South Indian Kanjira is a wonderful instrument, played here by Ganesh Kumar..visit his site..

Watch vintage Glen Velez and Layne Redmond playing frame drums circa 1989 in NYC

Visit - Layne has done TONS of research. She has recently relocated to Brazil, and is putting some very interesting videos up at her YouTube channel, too. Check her site out..

Two fine pages by Juanjo Fernandez about the Spanish versions of these frame drums, one square and one round: THE PANDEIRA and THE PANDEIRO is worth visiting..

Here's great radio interview at NPR with the tamborine player on all the old Motown hits of the early 60's, Jack Ashford. - Paul Marshall's excellent page on the Drum O'the Irish Check it out..

Percussionist N. Scott Robinson has compiled a large but exclusive list of those frame drummers he personally deems worthy of mention.

Buy it at Amazon


Another good source for lovers of frame drums is Layne Redmond's book, " empowering narrative history of the sacred drum in the ancient Goddess civilization, using her extensive collection of images gathered during more than five years of research and travel in the Mideast and Europe." 80 photos & drawings.".

while you're surfing, check out

an awesome array of drummers

Drumming the Soul Awake (with Jaime Meyer) - Universalist Church of Minneapolis; this drum circle uses primarily frame drums; a very interesting program, from the looks of it..

Our friends in Hands onSemble play many type of frame drums, and have done some really good fusion work, releasing several excellent CD's over the past few years.

Canada based South Indian drummer Ganesh Anandan is applying south Indian finger strokes to other surfaces, including frame drums. A nice site, with a book coming out soon.

Judy Piazza's fine site,
Resonance & Rhythms, details her frame drum related musical activities...

Emiliano, a Brazilian living in San Fransisco, has a pandeiro lesson on his site.

Yousif Sheronick





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