Recommended CD:

Talking Wood
of Casamance

by Balang Bayo

Gourd Banjos

Gourd Drums by Kasin Hunter; very nice

gourd drums reinforced with fibreglass.
hand crafted shekeres





Maracas, Berimbau, Shekere (also spelled Chekere), Afuche, Water Drums, Guiro Kashakas Ipu Ipu Heke

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Beautiful chekeres like the one at left are at Ibu-Kole Chekeres . (New York based custom Chekere makers)

Learn How to Make Gourd Shekeres and Rhythm Instruments at
Make a Shakere

Beautiful ipus at the Gourd connection

Gourd Palace- very interesting gourd drums here
These folks also do drum making retreats in the Mojave desert..check em out.

WildWood Instruments - Shekeres - hemp or nylon, wood or plastic.

Check out the Banda Brothers - Very high quality stuff here..

Gourd Central - planting faq..

Na Ipu o Hawai`i - The Gourds of Hawai`i

What Kind of Sound Does a Gourd Make? by Steve Watts

American Gourd Society

gorgeous Pahu Toere, Ipu, and Ipu heke at the Hula Supply Center

Welburne Gourd Farm



Rufus has a page of audio files of rhythms on the kashakas.

How to MAKE a Shekere


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