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Jorge Ginorio

Our friend Jorge Ginorio is a Puerto Rico native , and a graduate from the University of North Texas, where he performed in numerous ensembles, including the famous One O'clock Lab Band. Through the years, Jorge has conducted extensive studies in Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Afro-Puertorican popular and folkloric percussion. Including studies at Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana, Cuba, where he studied with some of Cuba's master percussionists, among them: Jose Luis Quintana "Changuito", Cuban Batá masters Carlos Aldama, Regino Jimenez, and the late Enrique "Papi" Mesa, former member of the Cuban folkloric group, Afrocuba de Matanzas.

See a video of Jorge playing timbales.

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The versatile percussionist has spent the last few years free-lancing and doing studio work in the Dallas/Fort Worth musical scene. He has worked with many diverse artists such as: Airto Moreira, Tom Braxton, Dave Samuels, Ann Armstrong, Bobby Schew, Brave Combo, Charlie Zaa, Carlos Guedes, Ignacio Berroa, Steve Turré, Emil Richards, Hector Tricoche, the late Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Poncho Sánchez, Michael Spiro, and Pieces of a Dream, among others.

Jorge has performed in many local and international Jazz Festivals including: the Puerto Rico San Juan Jazz Festival, San Angelo Jazz Festival, Deep Ellum Jazz Festival, Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, Fort Worth, "Main Street", Jazz Festival, N.A.R.A.S. Foundation, Inc., Canal Arts Festival, among others.

Jorge Ginorio does ongoing private and group percussion instruction at his home studio.

Instruction is available for:
Afro-Cuban Popular and Folkloric Percussion
(Tumbadoras, Timbales, Bongó, Chekere, Batá).
Brazilian Percussion
(Surdo, Caixa, Tamborim, Pandeiro, Ganzá, Repinique, Tan Tan, Cuica).
Afro-Puertorrican Percussion
(Barriles de Bomba, Panderos de Plena).

Jorge Ginorio
Professional Percussionist
Tel. (972) 602-0525
E-mail: tamboricua68@comcast.net


Jorge on the WWWEB:

Introduction to the Plena

This page is under construction!

More will be going up over the next few weeks, and Jorge will be getting some web software, and eventually administering this page. Youll see more of his writing, and less of stu's. Soon he will have Bomba drums, and we will do an article on the Bomba. stay Tuned!


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