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This page is devoted to the mallet percussion intruments, including Marimba,  Balophone, Amadinda,  Gyil, Vibrophone and many others. It's a brrrand new page, so there are only a few good links so far, but we were quite inspired by the artists we saw at last year's PASIC, particularly Valerie Naranjo and Kakraba Lobi, (pictured below), and we have decided to add a mallet page to the mix. 

Thanks for many of these links to the excellent "Greg Latta's Marimba Page". We'll be reviewing them one by one, as time permits...

looking for a used mallet instrument? Try

Check out Evelyn Glennie's homepage

Marimba Sol de Chiapas - a professional folkloric music ensemble based in Kansas City since 1991..also link to more Mexican Marimba resources..

One of the simplest forms of resonated xylophones is the percussion bars of Zambia and the ilimba of Zimbabwe. They consist of one tuned bar suspended, by a frame, over a hole in a gourd. The gourd acts as a resonator amplifying the sound of the bar.

There are a number of vibe- and marimba-related lessons on James Walker's website:

Introduction to 4 Mallet Technique a very clear description, with images, of how to hold the 4 mallets, well done b the Drum Club.

Master Tuner John Salazar at Salazar Fine Tuning offers comprehensive tuning, finishing, bar replacement, repair and custom keyboard replacement. (This is THE place to get your instrument worked on.)

What is a balophone? (at the Cora Connection

TheVibe.Net dedicated to vibes, with an active bulletin board

Chiapas, of the marimba - Marimba Music Information

Marimba Building Resources - The Art & Craft of Building Marimbas



Virtual Museum of the Mexican Marimba

Max Krimmel - The Great Fan Bass Marimba what an invention

Coe Percussion

Dave Sabine's Percussion Library Online

Fall Creek Marimbas - Marimbas and Marimba Tuning

Fredtronics - Marimba Construction

Gene Bard - Marimba Construction

Heartsong Studios - Marimbas and Percussion

Kallisti Percussion

Lark in the Morning - Tuned Percussion

Ludwig Musser Home Page

Marcon Mallet Instruments


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