intense drumming in Polynesia, from Tahiti to Hawaii and beyond.



Polynesian drumming & rhythms
Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan etc

About the Hawaiian gourd drum, the Ipu , Ipu Hula , Ipu Heke

more: Na Ipu o Hawai`i - The Gourds of Hawai`i

Hula: Then and Now

A Musical Legacy - Hawaiian Music

Hula Instruments from Ika Vea

gorgeous Pahu drums Toere drums, Ipu, and Ipu heke at the Hula Supply Center

The sounds of the Hula article with fine sound sample of Ipu Heke, with the chant..

Musical Instruments of Tonga

Pacific Nations - Music Samples

More on tongan instruments

Na Ipu o Hawai`i - The Gourds of Hawai`i Na Ipu o Hawai`i - The Gourds of Hawai`i

Puniu - Hawaiian Knee Drum


Listen to Tahitian drumming Sample

More about the CD

PAhu drum
image courtesy of Tikiri Polynesian Instruments

Pahu drums are cylindrical, not unlike like conga or ngoma, and usually made from coconut or breadfruit trees. They were originally headed with SHARKSKIN! (nowadays often cow is used)

To'ere is the Tahitian log drum

ili ili are two flat stones, like castanets, with great cutting power.



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