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David Kuckermann of Berlin, Germany for giving us this scoop on the Zendrum as a starting point.

David is a regular contributor to Rhythmweb. thanks D, for all your hard work...

David has instructional videos and many other resources on his site,




About the Zendrum


The ZenDrum is a percussion midi controller, electronic finger drum, portable edrum set. A ha... So what exactly does it do? Well, you wear it around your neck like a guitar (or put it on a stand) and on the body it has 24 touch-sensitive pads to be played with your hands and fingers. How does it sound? There is no answer to that question because it sends a midi signal to whichever midi sound source you connect it to. Many people use it to trigger electronic drum, either from an edrum module, sampler, computer or midi-module. People also use it to trigger melodic instruments and loops. Some people have recorded whole cds where every sound was controlled by the zendrum.

listen to a piece of Tom Roady´s Zendrum CD "One Tribe": Galactic Galileo

zendrum bodies waiting to be assembled

It has been around for about 13 years and was created by David Haney and Kim Daniels, both drummers, after they saw a concert of the Flecktones and Futureman playing his "Drumitar". Part of the original idea was to give drummers the possibility to come to the front of the stage and sing while playing.

One of the cool things about this instrument is that everybody does different things with it and plays it differently. Check out this video that shows several zendrum players including Futureman and Billy Cobham: zendrum demo movie

If you want to see more, be sure to check out the zendrum website and the download section for lots of videos and audio-files. There is a very nice zendrum community who you can meet in the zendrum forums.



Zendrum website

Zendrum forum

Resource Site

Zendrum History

Playing Instructions

Harmony Central Zendrum Review (kind of outdated)


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