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the Digitech Jam Man Looping pedal
Review by Eric Stuer

The time has finally come when it is practical and affordable to add a looping tool to your bag of tricks.

It is selling for only $299, and while it cannot compete with sophisticated loopers, many of us do not require sophisticated loopers. The beauty of this unit is in it's simplicity and ease of use..

For all working percussionists and rhythm event facilitators, this handy tool can do a variety of things which may help your gig go more smoothly. Jamman comes with a USB port, so that you can connect it to your computer and treat the unit as any other hard drive, loading loops to or from your computer. Up to 99 different patterns can be memorized and available at the turn of a dial or the press of an optional footswitch.

The memory card provided allows up to 23 minutes of recording time, but with a 2GB card, you can store up to 6.5 hours on the JamMan! Need to speed up or slow it down? You can change tempos on the fly, simply by tapping the right hand pedal twice.

A wide range of features combined with ease of use make the DigiTech JamMan a useful looper/phrase sampler for practicing, composing, and performing. It is also a very useful tool for educators and rhythm event facilitators. You can easily show how a rhythm is built from the bottom up, or from the top down. Examples of various rhythms can be put in for use at an event, then overdubbed upon, or not, as desired. If you have ever been in a classroom with a batch of kids, wishing someone could hold down the bottom for you, this unit WILL be useful to you.

The DigiTech JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler is an effects processor dedicated to loop creation, manipulation, playback and overdubbing. It's based on the classic Lexicon JamMan rackmount effect. The new JamMan offers tremendous loop capabilities at resolutions up to CD-quality 44.1 kHz in a compact, easy-to-use stompbox format specially tailored to the needs of guitarists and performing musicians.

The JamMan features two footswitches for complete foot control over loop creation and playback. The two footswitches control record, playback, overdubbing, loop stop, undo/redo, loop clear and tempo.

DigiTech provides a full six-year warranty on the JamMan pedal.

DigiTech JamMan Features:

This is from the Digitech promo, but may still be useful:

  • Save up to 99 independent loops at one time.
  • Store over 24 minutes of looping time on the included CompactFlash card. Upgrade to a 2GB card to store up to 6.5 hours of audio!
  • Connect to your computer via USB and never lose another loop ever again!
  • Record rhythm loops and solo over them on the fly, completely Hands-Free.
  • Load up the JamMan with bass lines, drums, harmonies, and more; create an entire backup band, take it with you, and perform anywhere!
  • Slow down or speed up any song without changing pitch to master that tricky riff.

Eric Stuer, 2006





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