Highlights of PASIC 2006 - This massive conference had 7200 attendees and over 150 distinct events, so we cannot bring it ALL to you, but we can at least tell you what WE saw. Get the scoop.

Bob Bloom Facilitation Workshop - The Sunday after PASIC, Bob Bloom gave a Facilitators' afternoon workshop. We were there, and give you a glimpse into what it was like.

REMO Health Rhythms training A Photo Essay by Deborah Stuer (September 2006) - Popular with music therapists, social workers, Medical Doctors and the like, this ten step protocol has provided documentable improvements to the immune system. We took the weekend training, and here are the pictures..

Percussion Things live procession at the Dallas Museum of Art's 100th anniversary Celebration, January 2003

Arthur Hull's DFW Playshop Spring 2002

Percussion Things Percussion Picnic October 2003

Dallas International Festival Drum Circle, 2002

Dallas Gifted Magnet's ARTS RETREAT Rhythmweb program, 2001.


Rhythmweb reviews

This is where we list our reviews, including percussion instruments, educational materials and CDs, and so on. If you have a CD, DVD or Book, or an instrument you'd like us to review, please send an email about it to stu at rhythmweb dot com..We also review live events..


Irietones Professional djembe We splurge and have a look at the mutha of all pro djembes..The custom made professional drums from Irietones.

Mid-East Fishskin TarThis Authentic Egyptian frame drum with a fish skin head retails for under $60; how does it stack up to the more expensive drums?)

The Slapboxx - Chris Nissen at Slapdrum has developed a full sized cajon that fits across the lap! Check it out..

The Digitech Jam Man Want to get started with live looping? For practice or performance, this new looper is good for percussionists and rhythm event facilitators..

Lapdrum - Chris at Slapdrum has a great idea here: portable, affordable, yet rich in tone.

Chino Bolanos' new Plexiglass cajon - go, Chino! A Peruvian-American Folkloric artist with an innovative cajon idea

'Taste' Test: Contemporanea 10" timba / REMO 10" timbal - REMO and Contemporanea present two distinctly different approaches to a versatile little hand drum. We check out the wood the aluminum and the Acousticon! Sound files included..

Meinl Ramwong - Commonly available online, we love these little

drums from the Thai tradition

Uglytips by B-Rad Percussion - these little uglytips are meant to be slip-on practice tips for drumsticks, but they are useful in various other ways.

Books, DVD, CD

    Conga Drummers Guidebook This new book by SanFranscisco Bay area legend Michael Spiro is an addition to the classic lliterature for Afro-Caribbean music

    Rhythm Play by Kenya Masala - Kenya Masala's book helps drum circle and rhythm based event facilitators do a lot with easy to carry, lightweight equipment.

    Magesh- Unique Beats - This Austrailian drumset artist is making waves with his innovative choice of sounds and textues. His DVD is good..

Time Zone by Ken Shorley & Marla Leigh - A DVD collection of eight duets for darabuka & frame drum, with scores individual close ups of the parts; definitely worth a look.;

Djumbe Dunun Drumset by Maarten Schepers - From Maartin Schepers in Toulouse, France: a fine book CD set fusing study of Malinke djembe/Dunun music with the drumset.

New Orleans Drumming Resources - these two resources, a DVD featuring several of the giants of N.O., and a Book CD set from anton Aukes, will put you on the right track to learning about the New Orleans drumming history, traditions, and techniques.

Rumbambeo by Boogalu Productions - This is destined to become an Afro-Cuban classic! Many of the most important folkloric dances and rhythms are explored at length in an easy to digest fashion

The New Conga Joy Series This popular line of products was created by teacher Bill Matthews up in Seattle, and is very handy indeed for drum circle folks and others seeking an overview of useful rhythms in common use in the US.

From Kobi Hagoel - The Art of Middle Eastern Rhythms - A classic Middle Eastern drumming book, for lovers of doumbek/darabuka, daf, riq, tonbak.

Stan Levey - The Original Original - This DVD is a rare treat for musicians who are fascinated with the history of jazz and bebop, the history of drumming, of NYC and of LA in the forties, fifties, and sixties..Stan was one of the true pioneers. He started in 1943 at age 16 in Philly with young Dizzy Gillespie. Read more.

Talking about Rhythms series vol 1 - Afoxe - A popular rhythm from the North of Brazil is covered in the first volume of Kim Atkinson's "speaking of Rhythm" series. Review by Eric Stuer.

Gig Savers: Afro Cuban Rhythms Vol 1 & 2 by Trevor Salloum - these two little booklets are handy reference guides to some of the most important Afro-cuban Rhythms

Rumba - Afro-Cuban Conga improvisation - by Clifford Brooks

The Snare Drum Plays the Zoo by Brian J. Harris - This innovative book uses principles from the aural tradition to teach reading of standard notation.New Orleans drumming by Anton Aukes. review in progress. A very good book, with some unique old photos and historical info not easily found today..

A Master's Approach to Timbales - the book by Changuito Jose Luis Quintana, written in collaboration with Chuck Silverman This was reviewed in 1998, but still the best book for the student of timbales.



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