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a picture is worth a thousand words..

first drum set - 1956 - age 3 - Uncle Gene is behind me..

[LOL] Existentialist period 1960 - NYC
At the time, I was into Jack Costanzo's "play the bongos" album; memorized the whole thing..

summer in Houston 1964 . A paying gig..$5 apiece

Also summer 1964 - with Gene Krupa in NYC


1965-1966 Garage Band - (sitting on the bass cabinet is Randy May, who later invented an internal miking system for drums, among other things. He was, and probably still is, a fine drummer. i haven't seen him in many years. Hi Randy.)


The Reasons Why 1968
This was my first chance to do any real professional work, including a series of fashion shows for Sakowitz and Casual gigs in texas and Tennessee. 9th grade..



1971, gigging around Houston..During this period, and just before, I worked with a world music group named KUBA, opening for Cheech and Chong, Big Mama Thornton, etc..We opened in January 1970 for Little Feat on their very first tour, when I was still 16, at a Houston club called Of Our Own. We played at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, too.. boy was that a while back..

The Buster Brown Band 1974-1976 - this band did a lot of work in Dallas, opening for Dr. John, Tower of Power, Eddie Harris, Taj Mahal, the Meters, Eric Johnson's 'Electromagnets', Jack DeJohnette, and a bunch of other folks.

Listen to what we sounded like in the summer of 1974.

Like the Way You Move (2:37) | In the Right Mood (3:48)

These two songs are are taken from a worn out cassette copy, from what was a one hour KZEW radio broadcast, the band live live from the studio..this was before MIDI, before personal computers or sequencing of any kind. Old School...no crutches.. play and sing the music...

Fast forward to 1980, on the road with Bottoms Up. Vaudeville Comedy, summers at the cabarets in Reno and Tahoe, then winters at the dinner theaters in Dallas and Houston. Three months in each venue before moving on. Watched the greats at length in Nevada..Producer and star Breck Wall was a kind and Generous boss. Thanks Breck..

On the right:at the Sahara in Reno Nevada with South African Drummers Dingaan and Wali of Ipi Tombi, 1981

Onstage with Vince Gill at Cowboys, 1993
(The Cowboys house gig, Bobby Smith & the Country Blues, Dallas, January 1987 to September 1994. During this period, Cowboys was voted Country Music association 'Nightclub of the Year' two or three times, and we got to open for and meet just about everyone in the country music business. A wonderful 7 year gig.

For awhile there, every week it was SOMEONE coming through from Nashville; we got to see the new stars as they first hit the scene, before they'd made it. I am talking about acts like Garth Brooks, Travis Twitt, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw; we'd see them right when their first record was released, before anyone really knew who they were, and often again later, after they'd become popular, just before they moved to ARENA status..

We also opened for classic old timers like George Jones, Buck Owens, Ronnie Milsap, LeftyFrizell, David Allen Coe, The Bellamy Brothers, on & on, practically everyone in the country music business at that time. We opened for Keith Whitley the week before he died, and for Conway Twitty shortly before HE passed away. we wondered about that. Ah, the drummers that came through, like Martin Parker , Scotty Hawkins, Billy Thomas, Brian owings with Delbert McClinton, just a whole bunch of good drummers, every week, it seemed.

I got to play with and learn from some very good players in that band, some of whom have passed on, who deserve to be mentioned. I mean Curtis Randall, Glen Fleming, Jerry Matheny, Jeff Williams, the late Donnie McDuff and the late Gary Hogue specifically, each of whom taught me a lot about Country music, an art form I love and respect.

Thanks forever to my band leader Bobby Smith, and to Mike Murphy and Steve Allbeck, the club owners, for some wonderful days. Murphy actually bought me a beautiful set of Gretsch drums, an astounding act of generousity for a club owner, and these were the only club owners I've ever heard of who actually gave their band members two weeks paid vacation a year, the last two years in a row.

With Arthur Hull at his 3 day Playshop , March 2002

Jan '03: Playing the bushel basket drum at the
Dallas Museum of Art's 100th Anniversary procession.

With Jorge Ginorio, Grapevine Library 2005

Solo Presentation, Longview TX 2005

At Gamestop in far North Dallas, Autumn 2005
We were doing promo work for Comment-US, on behalf of their client Mad Croc Gum, during the unveiling of the X-Box 360.

Tending the tiny conga line, Northpark Mall Jan 5 2008..