The FrameDrummer Group CD Project (The FDGCD)

This page is devoted to the musical works of members of the FrameDrummers Group at Yahoo.

About the FDG

Layne Redmond, Florida USAThis Yahoo! group of over 700 members (and growing) was founded in October of 2000 by the late Dell Taylor, a student of Layne Redmond.

Eliana Gilad, IsraelIt is a platform for professional, amateur, and hobbyist players to engage with each other in discussing this ancient and global family of percussion instruments.

Ganesh Anandan, an Indian living in CanadaThe group includes players, students, builders, designers, teachers, ethnomusicologists, those with a vast knowledge, those with a passing interest, those who contribute and those who simply read and digest.

Peyman Nasehpour,  IranOur membership is drawn from all 4 corners of the globe. This diversity is reflected both in the range of instruments used and in the influences of the playing styles demonstrated on the FDG CD.

Emiliano Benevides , a Brazilian living in San FransiscoThese pictures may take awhile to load, but will give you an idea of the diversity of the group. These are not all the artists on the CD, incidentally, just the ones I currently have a picture of..More images and links to fdg member websites and sound files are still to come.

Mouse over their image to read who they are and click to go to their website, if they have one..

N. Scott Robinson, Ohio USAMauro Gatto, ItalySteven Rice, USA
Bill Smith, USADaid Kuckhermann , Germany
Art Durkee, USAJudy Piazza, USABrendan Dunn USA

Eric Stuer Texas USAPaul Marshall, Northern Ireland

The Goblet Drumming Group is an offshoot of the Frame Drummers' group, formed by Peyman Nasehpour of Iran and Eric Stuer of the USA. The idea of a CD Project actually began in that group.

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In 2003, the members of the FrameDrummer Group at Yahoo released a collaborative CD. This CD is now a collector's item, no longer commercially available. However, you can read the liner notes and listen to the music from here..the jukeboxes are set to play the songs in random order, but you can also click on any particular song to hear it..

From the liner notes:

The project Title, Frames Without Borders, was chosen by the group. It is intended to reflect the drum's diaspora, and the desire of the contributors to transcend geographical and political boundaries, to emphasize our common humanity while expressing deep cultural elements in a musical language we all understand, a language of the heart.

The sole criterion for inclusion in this project was membership in the Frame Drummers Group. The recording quality and proficiencies of the performers therefore do vary. It has been our intention to reflect the many styles and levels of talent and skill, rather than "the best of". In doing so, we hope to represent our group as a community, and as a source of encouragement for fellow frame drummers around the world.

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The introduction, written kindly by Glen Velez.The intro to the group and the project, written by Paul Marshall.beginning lineup of CD 12nd half of the first CD.
CD 2 first half2nd half of the 2nd CD. back coverartwork beneath the CD

Sincere gratutude always to Dell Taylor for creating the group, to Glen Velez for his support in writing the intro, and to everyone who has given selflessly of their art, time and effort to making this group project possible.

Artists (in order of appearance): Eric Stuer, Ganesh Anandan, Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes, Brendan Dunn, Fern Filner, Deen Collier, Bill Smith, Hyndla Kensdottir, Eliana Gilad, David Kuckhermann, Jacky Ligon, Rick Walker & Paul Marshall, Kobi Hagoel, Art Durkee, N. Scott Robinson, Emiliano Benevides, Judy Piazza, Peyman Nasehpour, Cat Lake, Dennis Maberry, Mike Marcionetti, Mauro Gatto, Lynn Margileth, Steven Rice, Grant Smith

Artwork: Arash Sharifi (Front Cover)
Art Durkee (Insert Tray Images ad back of liner)
Deen Collier (Back cover)

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Deen CollierGrant Smith, USARick Walker California USAKobi Hagoel, Israel

Please note: Many members have joined since the production of this CD in 2003, Ifyou are a FrameDrummer Group member, we would like to also feature YOUR work here as well. Just send us an mp3, or a link to one, with a little bit about you and a link to your site, if youhave one. We'll add your music to the mix.


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