Bob Bloom, one of the Pioneers..

the Guys at Drum Cafe in London have a great team going, with some very serious players, including Baba Kone, Malo Sonko, Landin Mane, Moisi Conde, Mohammed Alidu and Salifou Sylla . Last year they got 5 stars at the Edinburgh fringe festival.

Grunt Productions Drum Circles - Northern Ireland.. it seems the UK is really taking off.. - David Johannes' site, a nice drum circle site, with a little of everything: photos, articles, rhythm tabs; well done, David..

Rhythm dot com - Drum circle facilitators in New Zealand - Thanks for the link Jaqui B.

Janet Planet - Santa Cruz based (Santa Cruz has a great drumming community) Doers of drum n dance workshops and retreats...

Percussion in North Carolina, and

are two sites maintained by Mary Overby

Holy Goat Percussion 
Taylor, a Chicago based Teacher and Facilitator...
Good vibes RADIATING from this page. Also check out: John Yost & Co., up in chicago

The Drumming Hippie Jesus Freak's Website
Earth Drum Council is doing great work on the drumming for wellness scene in Cambridge, Massachusetts
. These are some of the original pioneers..

LuKa Percussion Canadian maufacturers of fine djembes..

Drumming the Soul Awake (with Jaime Meyer) - Universalist Church of Minneapolis; this drum circle uses primarily frame drums; a very interesting program, from the looks of it..

Steve Gryb does a percussion program for kids entitled Rhythm is going to Get You.

Judy Piazza's Resonance & Rhythms , details her drumming and other related musical activities...her workshops often utilize frame drums..

Tribull Drums, Grant Knowles' site , based in NewZealand, makes some beautiful drums, and plays a style influenced by Haitian and African rhythms,,

Study: Group Drumming Boosts Cancer-Killer Cells

Peggy & David make quality shaman style frame drums at 
Cedar River Drum company

Venice Beach Drum Circle - A great drum circle page...includes history, events, boardwalk photos, profiles of local artists, and more

Welcome to Yoruba House L.A. based

Na Kiri, a Dutch amateur djembe troupehe UK drumming community

Robert M. Palmer's Jembe page
Robert (a djembe list member) sells Ivory Coast djembes for a reasonable price from this page; based in Cape Coral Florida




Drum Circle @ Rhythmweb

Musician, spread the vision, that music and dance are BIG MEDICINE for the people of 21st century Planet Earth.   Use it right! We thank all our Teachers, and all the PEOPLE, too many to name, from whatever country or walk of life, who have helped us learn the ins and outs of drumming. May we prove to have been worthy of your time.

This page, Drum Circle at Rhythmweb, is for people who are into the INTERCULTURAL drumming scene. This means it's for and about those who are adapting traditional arts and cultures into a form usable multiculturally in today's global society.

Some of us are just embarking upon our journey, and others have been playing for many years, but we all share one thing in common;  a love for music, and perhaps a belief that our music can somehow be used to change things for the better. 

Learn here about some of the people who are endeavoring to do just that.

(At Right: A scene from the World Unity Drum Festival, August 26 1994, Club Dada, Dallas. the city-wide event was organized and co-hosted by Kwasi Siaw-Lattey, Uriah Elion, and Eric Stuer.)


Arthur Hull and Baba OlatunjiWe love  Baba Olatunji

We have had the honor of attending one of his three day workshops, and have posted his series of Beginners' rhythms..

Arthur Hull & Baba Olatunji: an Interview

Find out more about Boomwhackers®We also deeply appreciate the work of Arthur Hull. We sat in awe as he whipped 250 4th graders into a very responsive orchestra, and we've seen him with drunks and with music people leaving the NAMM show and with drummer wannabies, all types of groups, and he always manages to get everyone cooking, it's the people dynamics that he's tuned into, and he revolves, always in a circle, but always listening behind himself as well...calls it "3 point radar" He makes great use of Boomwhackers, which we highly recommend, especially working with kids..

We highly recommend Arthur's book, "Drum Circle Spirit"
What is an Arthur Hull Playshop like? Peek into an Arthur Hull Playshop in Dallas

Drum Circle Links

Thanks to grass roots musicians and enlightened health administrators for their brilliantly innovative fight against cancer:: DrumsForCures :: drumSTRONG! May 15th - 16th 2010

in North Texas, does good work on djembes, ashikos..

DRUM CIRCLE MUSIC Kalani is one of the top trainers of Drum Circle facilitators in the U.S. , having blended ORFF and other technologies into the model. DCM is loaded with very useful stuff..There are various trainings this coming year. Find out more.

Earth Drum Council -and in particular, their Drum Circle Guidelines - Jimi and Morwen Two Feathers are amongst the early pioneers of community drumming in New England.

AFROBEAT is an interactive drum and dance group in Australia, doing team building and interactive performance for schools and corporations..

My friend Jim Greiner and LP have an informative new site called .

John Scalici is doing fine work in Alabama

Rhythms of Life in Kansas blends in rhythm based movement such as hula hoops and frisbee training..

Toni Kellar & Roots to Rhythm are doing fine work in ohio

Check out the good folks at (Clearwater Beach, FL)

Open Circle Drums Marcus Chatfield has been building drums for some time now, and serves the drumming community at large. His work looks good: take a look - an online magazine that is dedicated to drummers, firedancers and bellydancers

Nihat informs me of a new culturally specific circle in London, which serves as an introduction to the percussion techniques and rhythmical systems of Mediterranean, Middle East and North African music. more info at

Cybele's - A fine retreat where notable frame drummers often teach and facilitate, co-founded by Amy Oak and Barb Pitcher

They are drumming up in Missoula Montana, with a full moon circle and several others.
Click for Montana Drum Circles [info from Dave Robertson, Montana djembe/dunun player]

Images from the Dallas International Festival Drum Circle, 2002
at the Majestic theater in downtown dallas

Images from the following Dallas International Festival Drum Circle, fall 2002
this was the one at St. Mark's Episcopal School

Sule Greg Wilson is doing excellent work in Arizona after many years in New York, DC, and elsewhere.
His site: DRUMPATH.NET . We also highly recommend his book, The Drummer's Path

Randy Brody is a highly respected member of the community, His company, Sound Directions, is based in New England.

Steve Parker and Active Rhythmology , at work in the UK

Drumocracy - Fred Ardillo - corporate trainer - TeamRhythmWorks: "Facilitating Your Desired Results through Rhythm"

Kathy Quain - Music therapist, educator, drum circle facilitator; San Fransisco based.

Ron Knight's DRUMLOFT in SanDiego.. - Tom Foote & Co., based in Boston, is working with kids..

at left: This shot was taken at the Earth Drum Council Weekend in western Massachusetts. Among those pictured drumming here are Marilyn Middleton from the Bamidele Dancers and Drummers in western MA, Olympia Avignone from Long Island, Steve Trombulak from Village Green Drum Circles in Vermont, and Nestor Cintron from Amherst, MA

Village Green Drum Collective of Vermont - The scene is robust in Vermont thanks to these folks.

By all means check out Drum Brothers, a Montana based, family owned company committed to drumming, rhythm, and rhythm awareness. good content on this site.. - Christine Stevens, drum circle facilitator and REMO artist now in the Los Angeles area, does very interesting work..

Drumming for Heath and Wellness with REMO - click on "Health Rhythms" to see the official page for Christine and her fine collegues at REMO check out Paulo Mattioli's site, newly re-done. Paulo is another fellow who has greatly helped the drum circle scene over the last few years..a Paulo page is in the works here at rhythmweb..

Cameron Tummel is a wonderful trainer, facilitator, and musician in Santa Barbara, CA. He has also worked with Arthur Hull. The author and musican who founded massive site, lots of info.

Drum Circles at Rainbow Gatherings

Jeff Salem, a Toronto based facilitator and pro drummer/clinician. This is another fellow we met at an Arthur Hull playshop.

Bob Bloom is a highly experienced drum circle facilitator based in Connecticut. Check out his site at

Psalm Drummers - a worldwide network of people who use drumming to create unity and bring about change. Their core values are rooted in the Christian faith, and biblical teaching. A very interesting development..

Percuctitis, the Midwest drum project - These are drum circle facilitators out of Chicago, Illinois - check em out

Jim Greiner's Hands-On! Drumming®
A fine drum circle facilitator who works throughout North America.
Music Therapist Barry Berstein's laudable activities

Rhythmic Riot - A UK based group offering drumming programs during the summer months

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