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Stu & Len at the Dallas Museum of Art, summer 2000
Above: in the courtyard of the Dallas Museum of Art, 1997

Hand Drumming as a hobby is steadily increasing in popularity, both in the U.S.A. and around the world. It is a doorway to culture, to community, and to satisfying self expression. Drumming is as old as music itself, and music making is for everybody, not just for professionals. More and more people today are realizing that recreational music making with hand drums and other percussion can be a fun and relaxing component of a healthy lifestyle..

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Below: Rhythmweb guest artist Alassane Sarr playing at Northpark mall, Dallas TX
May 2007

Above: we assisted the drumming endeavors way back in Fall 2001 at an Arts Retreat for the Dallas High School for Gifted and Exceptional students.
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Eric and Len : The DRUM GUYS

here's a shot of Percussion Things performing
at the Dallas Museum of Art's 100th anniversary celebration.




Kids of all ages
love to JAM.

They love drumming, rhythm and percussion. We know it is healthy for us, too, based on many new studies, for a host of good reasons. From its beneficial effects on the body to its usefulness in developing ability to learn math concepts and abstract languages such as computer languages, educators and scientists are proving more and more every day what we musicians have always known..

Music Making
is GOOD for you!

Rhythmweb director Eric Stuer has been immersed in music all his life, performing professionally since 1968, and doing interactive group percussion programs since 1994. We offer programs for all ages, in a variety of formats. We have enjoyed working in elementary schools, middle and high schools, colleges, schools, public libraries, community centers, churches, festivals, conferences, and a variety of other situations.

Assembly programs - Libraries and schools are the place for this fast moving interactive look into the world of rhythm & world percussion.

The Rhythmweb Arts experience is educational in many ways, and various subjects, from math and science to history and linguistics are all touched upon, in an way that stresses the relevance of these academic subjects to real life.

Assembly programs can be in solo presentation format, or if budget permits, may utilize additional musicians, and/or storytellers. We love doing programs with drummers from other cultures. Rhythmweb presenters have included musicians from Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Lebanon, Uganda, and other places.

We vary the focus to fit the venue, from performance only to totally interactive. Normally, in a school or library setting, we strike a balance between the two, touching on important educational points regarding the music, the instruments, and the cultures, but allowing for audience participation as well..

Drum Circles - Drum Circles are actually a mass jam session, using drums and percussion instruments. we assemble in a circle and everyone improvises to make in the moment music. No prior experience is required, and instruments are furnished.

School Programs - Workshops, Assemblies

Recent Examples:

Gullett Elementary, Austin Texas - Here we did three assembly programs on the same day, grouping them K-1, 2-3 and 4-5. This meant about 200-225 kids in each group. They were drawn from regular classes and assembled in the Cafeteria/Auditorium. We centered on body percussion and vocal sounds, then moved on to shakers and finally the Boomwhacker tubes. We managed to get three of the music students up to play hand drums as well.

Boyd Elementary, Allen Texas - At Boyd they wanted more extensive interaction, a little more hands-on time with the drums for the participants, and so they opted to use me for two consecutive days, 8 AM to 3 PM, bringing the group size down to about 60. We met in the gym, in lieu of their normal gym class that week, and used all of the above elements, but added frame drums and some other percussion toys. Zeroing in on the individual grade levels allows one to customize the program more and work more with individuals.

Washington Middle School, El Dorado Arkansas - Principal Jody Vines had a vision of an ongoing drumming program at Washington Middle School (all 5th and 6th graders). With the sponsorship of Murphy Oil Company, she was able to purchase a nice set of drums for the school, and send two of her teachers to join us for a drum circle facilitation training with Arthur Hull we attended in DFW. She was also able bring me to El Dorado for a week in January to help kick start the activities.

Her teachers and her staff are as highly motivated as she; they have a wonderful thing going at Washington Middle School. I am so proud of their drum club kids. This was a weeklong residency, Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 3 PM, in class sizes of 29 or less, in a special program room dedicated to that purpose for the week.

We also presented a drum circle for the kids and their parents on Thursday night, and worked one afternoon with the after school drum club. The kids, the teachers, and the principal had so much heart; it was a real inspiration to me to be able to be involved, and we plan to return next year for another round. The El Dorado paper wrote a fine article about the (then upcoming) residency, available HERE in PDF format.

The West Mesquite High School Honors Orchestra Drum Circle - The honors orchestra had just returned from contest, triumphant, with ones all the way across in both sight reading and in concert. It was the last class before Spring Break. Dr. Marylin Butorac, their director, wanted to reward them for their excellent performance and also challenge them to look at music in a fresh and new way, offering a hint of the dimensions yet to be reached. The solution? MESQUITE HONORS ORCHESTRA DRUM CIRCLE. This was incredible fun. They were so talented anyway, that when let loose on the percussion instruments , they were wonderful. We got some good video of this drum circle. Apologies for the delay in posting , but time does not permit.. We have already been invited back next year, if schedules permit.

We can help kick start a drumming program in your school or youth group, and even do team building for your teachers or staff. Write us for more information.

Welcome Texas librarians and community center staff

We are planning for the 2008 summer tour, too, and it will be big fun. The groups will range in size from as few as a dozen all the way up to several hundred. The summer schedule is HERE.

We will be working this year with frame drums such as the riq, pandeiro, and the daf, and with homemade stuff like buckets and utility tubs, along with drums like the cajon, djembe, doumbek and so on. The presentation is designed to whet their appetite, and rhythmweb is the place to READ about it afterwards. Please remember our URL and our kid friendly website, Rhythmweb, when folks ask about researching these instruments...

Some of our clients will choose a 'homemade percussion' emphasis, and gather the things needed for the kids to make their own instruments. We saw a zillion different shaker containers last year. Your best bet for shakers is vitamin bottles, not too big, and the indian grocery has wonderful legumes like mothlittle tiny beans, making a very fine sound..plastic bb's work too; let's use our imaginations: what else might work?

Remember, we offer a homemade percussion workshop, and beginner's hands on workshops in Latin Percussion, Frame Drumming, Drum Set, and an interactive Drum Circle program. Write us for more details.

For booking, e mail stu

At left: Summer 2006 in the Municipal ballroom, Sherman Texas, we are doing a program under joint sponsorship of the Sherman Parks & Rec and Friends of the Sherman Public Library.

This is a big one, usually over 400..We did that venue for 2005, 2006, and 2007. not sure yet about 2008.. Last year, Alassane Sarr joined Len Barnett and Stu for a trio performance.

Expressive improvised movement with hula hoops , scarves, or a parachute can be big fun, done to in the moment musical sounds like drums and percussion... Movement and music just go together, like peanut butter and jelly..

Below, another shot of the Sherman event, this time of Rhythmweb guest artist Len Barnett, from a different angle. this still does not show how big that Municipal ballroom is, though..we have video of the 07 one, and hope to post it soon..

Below: Longview TX Public Library

Below: Downtown branch, Austin Public Library. When the presentation is in the library itself, rather than a program room or nearby community center, it takes on a different character..we generally do several like this a year, and they are fun..

Below: A spontaneous after-program petting zoo. Was it Iowa City? I cannot remember..


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